Agreements and liabilities

Damn ……..

Sorry we swear, but we’re just trying to reproduce the feeling when you forget to terminate a contract or subscription in time. This may be the lease of the copier, the license for the old and deprecated CMS, service agreement, the coffee machine or something else. Common to them all is that they are infuriating spending all businesses wish to avoid. Money that the bottom line can run up considerably and certainly can be used for something better in the company!

Contracts, agreements and subscriptions circulates often in different departments and at many levels of the organization and who in the company has real responsibility and the big picture?

Mtool is the tool that helps you in bringing all the company’s contracts and then give you a full overview and insight into your total contractual liabilities – and you will probably be surprised at how many you really got.

With Mtool you get all the contracts out of filing cabinets, binders, paper piles on desks, local hard drives and other inappropriate places – and who knows – maybe some old forgotten or lost contracts pops up!

Avoid the “hell” feeling!

By getting contracts out into the light and put into Mtool you’re going to stay on top of all your agreements. You avoid unpleasant surprises and the “hell” feeling to have thrown money out the window.

You get a complete overview of the contractual amount, maturity and notice periods for each specific contract and alarm functions tell you which agreements on which the renewal, termination or renegotiation tomorrow, in a week or next month – in short: you decide how much notice you wishes!

On each contract you have the opportunity to apply additional information such as cost center, project, who in the organization, representing the individual contract and to link directly to the agreement.

Mtool gives you a powerful and valuable tool for reporting, forecasting of trends, budget planning and more, so you can make qualified decisions.

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