Andersen & Martini choose better reporting

Andersen & Martini is an illustrious name on the Sealand auto market. Since the mid-1930s, the company that was started by Percy Martini and Harald Andersen, marketed, sold and serviced new and used vehicles. Today, Andersen & amp; Martini imports of Cadillac, just as one of the seven departments in the Copenhagen area dealer and service brands like Opel, Saab, Kia, Fiat, Corvette and Cadillac. Turnover just under 800 million. The 260 employees ensure daily that customer satisfaction is top notch.

Martin Ørbæk Nielsen, chief financial officer of Andersen & Martini, could a maximum punching a summary quarterly financial statements through the budget responsible if he should continue the manual reporting processes used by the company when he joined. With the implementation of Toolpack may CFO now every month to service the individual budget holders with detailed and clear financial reports. At the same time he gets more time to shop.

Better control required

Just as many new cars are now equipped with GPS systems, there were at Andersen & Martinis budget holders needed a system that came with more frequent and more detailed information about how business developed in relation to the budget. Andersen & amp; Martini has many product lines, which means that there is often a need to measure on each product line, so you can quickly take action if reality were to deviate from the plan.

The company uses an ERP system, which is specifically aimed at the automotive industry. A solid tool to manage daily transactions. But it is, like so many other ERP systems, less strongly to budgeting and management reporting.

From quarterly reporting to monthly reporting

The solution to the reporting task was Toolpack. “The decision to buy Toolpack did not take long,” said CFO Martin Ørbæk Nielsen and continues: “The product had the features we sought, and the Toolpack consultants were professional and competent. They were ready to make a 100 percent integration of Toolpack with our ERP system. The last was a prerequisite because we did not want to make manual data transfers with all the possible errors and the time that entails.”

In less time than it previously took to prepare the summary quarterly report, Martin Ørbæk Nielsen now using Toolpack, service all budget holders with detailed monthly financial reports. Budgets and actual figures are assembled in Toolpack, and the individual budget holders can even pull reports directly in Excel.

We all know Excel

The budget manager at Andersen & Martini is excited that Toolpack is based on Excel. “We all know Excel already, so we should only spend time learning the new Toolpack its functions,” says Martin Ørbæk Nielsen. “I was initially a little worried that Excel could handle the large amounts of data, but it has proved to be a problem,” continues CFO. “By using Excel, we can also take advantage of all the new features that Microsoft develops. In addition, all new employees we hire in sales and administration, already familiar with Excel. That’s the big advantage of Toolpack. ”

A solution for CFOs

Martin Ørbæk Nielsen can feel that the people behind Toolpack have an economic background. “Toolpack is designed and developed by CFOs for CFOs – it is demonstrated,” says Martin Ørbæk Nielsen and concludes: “In the process, you work with the product you just fell like it fits perfectly to the way a CFO is thinking.”

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