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DESIGN LETTERS produces designs for leading stores around the world, and a whopping 80-90 % of revenue is generated outside Denmark with sales in 1,500 stores in 55 countries. According to CEO, Jacob Jensen, the company is highly data driven in the commercial process – an activity that is now accelerated further with the new Business Intelligence solution OneCockpit, linked to DESIGN LETTERS’ data. Payment is made by a fixed monthly amount

Business Intelligence for a fixed monthly amount

OneCockpit is a solution that offers Business Intelligence on subscription. This means that the customer will not have to invest in hardware, software, licenses or BI specialists – all items are paid through a fixed monthly amount. A concept is developed for the individual customer, and it is delivered as a single package so that the customer can focus on using these numbers and further developing the business. As a customer, DESIGN LETTERS can develop new areas of use as part of the monthly subscription.

OneCockpit creates value immediately via Plug&Play

DESIGN LETTERS is a relatively new company. There are 20 employees in Denmark, and according to CEO Jacob Jensen, one of the things that characterizes the company is that, as a growth company, it has grown in the cloud and they’ve never had to hire an IT man, never had a server and never spent money on IT consultants.

-We are running in the cloud, but have always had extremely great ambitions as to how we want to run our business. So in a way, the alternative would be having a lot of BI people and other people seated, but we’ve never seen that as an option, says Jacob Jensen.

DESIGN LETTERS primarily uses OneCockpit in relation to sales and continuously measures progress in relation to the sales plans.

– We have made a model where each customer in OneCockpit can check where they are in relation to the budgets on a daily basis. We can see it consolidated by country or, for example, we can do it in relation to how many new customers we receive, or whether we sell the new items as planned.

OneCockpit shows us the progress in relation to the plans

DESIGN LETTERS further states that all their sellers use the tool. In collaboration with OneCockpit, DESIGN LETTERS has built up some benchmark tools so that the individual seller can compare two stores in MiiBI and see where a store is lagging behind in comparison to others. Thus, the tool can also be used in communication with the business or chain in order to find ways to increase its revenue.

– The seller has the tool in the cloud and can see what needs improvement. Lots of tools that make it easy and quick for them to come up with answers are built in. In collaboration with OneCockpit, we’ve built the program in such a way that one actually wants to consult it, says Jacob Jensen.

The time before OneCockpit – The Excel sheet became too heavy

Before DESIGN LETTERS joined OneCockpit they worked with data extracts that were part of an advanced Excel sheet. However, as seen before, the Excel sheet eventually became too large.

– The calculations we made were quite advanced, and that made the sheet too heavy for the individual seller to handle it. We updated it once a month, and it was very slow in use.

– It’s a completely different process with OneCockpit, which works perfectly in relation to e-conomic. But the creative aspect lies in that we can put things together and thus enable ourselves to do the things we want. What used to be almost impossible is now possible with OneCockpit. It simply runs every morning, and then it updates all the numbers. We bill every afternoon, and the next day when sellers meet, the numbers are updated. In this way, OneCockpit is ready with an answer even before the question is asked, says Jacob Jensen.

A data structure exactly as we want it

– The most important thing for us is that we have received a reporting and data structure in an incredibly easy and cost-effective way, just as we like it.

We have the overall overview of the development, and it is a huge win for the individual seller and for our company. We have had a saving, but what matters most is how managing the sales process has become much better with OneCockpit.

Further development of BI solution

The concept is that OneCockpit serves as the customers’ BI specialists. If customers need calculations or KPIs, OneCockpit incorporates them into the model as part of the service. Jacob Jensen comments:

– As we are relatively advanced in the way we measure and control our sales processes, we initially pointed out how we would like it, and OneCockpit has developed it with us. What matters most to us is that they provide their data structure.

– It is crucial for us that the entire solution is on a regular monthly subscription. If the terms had been an annual license and an upfront fee, it would never have happened. We wish to know our expenses every month, and we know that with OneCockpit, concludes Jacob Jensen.

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