IA language center benefits from Toolpack

Toolpack facilitates the administration of teacher and students in the
IA language center.
Immigrants Aftenskole IA began in 1980, when it turned out that guest workers in the middle of the ’70s had begun to take their families with them to Denmark, and therefore was a massive need for an intensive Danish language courses.

The objective of IA is today not just to teach foreigners Danish, but in general to support them in an active business career. IA is the largest language center, with 108 permanent teachers and several part-time teachers, there are many challenges, as get the teachers’ consumption of hours to harmonize with the school’s scheduling and thus get the maximum benefit of the teaching resources.

A specially designed program from Toolpack do today administration and the count of teachers’ time usage and reporting on students to the municipality by the touch of a button.

– But it has not always been like this, says department manager Anette Jacobsen, who has been in the process to describe the framework for Toolpack.

Anette Jacobsen explains that the school has two challenges. On the one hand, they tenured teachers’ annual norm of 1,020 lessons has to be as correctly as possible, because if teachers work reach the norm lessons, you can not ask for extra tuition in the next school year. The money is in effect wasted. And if the teachers exceed the norm lessons, it triggers overtime pay. So the question is how do you make sure that each teacher is balanced to the norm lessons?

From manual to automatic functions

– We previously used a lot of time and effort to count and check the hours that teachers reported to us in Excel sheets. There were very often problems and imbalances – language teachers are generally not really good at figures – and we spent several days each month on the reporting. The figures were manually pulled out of LUDUS and put into FileMaker – a difficult process with a lot of obstacles.

Anette Jacobsen says that it was difficult to get meaningful reports and statistics out of LUDUS, and with the many sources of error, she was never quite sure about the results.

A textbook example of vote of teacher hours

Anette Jacobsen is now far more easier to secure the of teacher hours in relation to scheduling and the actual time spent.

– I can open the spreadsheet and press ‘Update Data’ and then pulls it all out.

Anette Jacobsen says that now it is the teachers who must approve the lists she sends out per. mail once a month and showing their hours cut out of cardboard. And this can only be done because Toolpack are force-fed with various rules for how the hours are calculated relative to the day of week and time of day, etc. – What used to take three days, now takes a push of a button, says Anette Jacobsen.

Also financial we are now much secure that we don't lose money on teacher salaries says Anette Jacobsen.

– And Toolpack also good to scrutinize and check the processes that we previously have done, for example, that teachers have gotten untitled evening surcharge. So do we save money? – yes, definitely!

Student Reporting in no time

It was in fact, administrative and accounting manager at IA Susan Mai who brought Toolpack contact with IA. Susan Mai had in a previous job established knowledge Toolpack Finance and knew Toolpacks ability to draw meaningful and graphically presenting useful data out of Excel.

Toolpack develops therefore an automated participant reporting, which forms the basis for calculation of money from the public administration and remunerate the school by the number of completed courses. The student reporting making direct data extraction from the school system of sources and eliminating the manual procedures that previously was the result of money lost .

– We used to have an employee who made a huge pull in Excel sheets and cut them together into reports to the municipality, and we found unfortunately often glitches here that cost us money.

Cooperation with Toolpack Solutions

– I came quickly in tune with Toolpacks consultant who understood our needs and frustrations with LUDUS, while he was good to talk to a normal language while he programmed.

It’s all set up educational, so the reports are comprehensible to our teachers, when approving their monthly time sheet.

– I think Toolpack have been very responsive and flexible throughout the process, says Anette Jacobsen.

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