Toolpack with integration to the Icelandic dk ERP system

Do you use dk or thinking about implementation of the system?

Then we are ready to help you with the financial management for budgeting, forecast & financial reporting automation.

dk in subscription

It is very convenient for companies to have dk in subscription and hosting. There are no restrictions on the number of entries. The system is very quick to use, because the system comes with fully-fledged business forms for different types of operations, including accounting keys and connections to the various subsystems, full-time annual accounts, breakdown of annual accounts, cash flow and key analysis.

dk subscription is an affordable and convenient way for companies that provide a comprehensive business and information system for monthly subscriptions. A monthly fee for the software is paid. Included is hosting of data, special areas, copying, security and SQL database in a perfect technology environment.

Subscription Options

The diagnostics work from the beginning and no long and difficult installation work is required with the associated experiments and tests.

dk includes all common system units such as financial, asset, banking, sales, inventory, procurement, work, social, hotel and payroll systems, and in addition it includes a variety of custom solutions for stores, restaurants, social organizations , fisheries, municipalities, the web and smart devices.


Backup data and software upgrades that ensure increased operational security.

More than 3,500 companies in the cloud at dk and offers a complete solution.

dk takes care of all data backup and handles software upgrades that ensure increased operational security. Therefore, with the use of cloudless dk, the cost of operating computer equipment can be foreseeable.

Growing companies move to dk

The dk business software is a comprehensive ERP system, especially suitable for all sizes of companies. It is fully developed in Iceland for Iceland and has been the most popular business software for about 18 years and is used by over 6,000 companies.

Customers dk

When selecting software, many things need to be considered, to determine what is best suited for the particular operation, the installation is high, it meets the needs of the company and the staff.

Types of companies that use our business software include:

Advertisers | Pharmacies | Architectural and engineering firms | Accounting Centers | Farming (farmers) | Audit Centers | NGOs | Fisheries | Manufact

uring Company | Hotels | Import and export company | Law Firms | Innovation Company | Unions | Technical company | Operations | Restaurants | Workshop | Contractors | Stores and Service companies

Discover more about dk HERE

If you would like to know more about automation of budgeting,

forecast & financial reporting then please book a demo

Or try it at your own data here

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