Toolpack ready for integration with Figurator ERP system

Do you use Figurator or thinking about implementation of the ERP system?

Then we are ready to help with your financial management in the form of budgeting, forecast & financial reporting automation.

Automate your financial management from Figurator with Toolpack

Figurator is a complete standard system, built for growth in all directions. A system that can grow when your business grows and becomes more complex without you having to change systems or compromise your future needs.

Overview with Data Analysis

Figurator offers not only the functionality needed for all processes in the business, but also built-in Data Analysis on par with dedicated systems that can be a substantial strain on the IT budget.

One of the advantages of having data analysis build-in instead of bolted-on is that it allows you to drill through to the actual data behind your analysis – out of the box, in the same system.

Figurator Data Analysis is easy to work with, even if you need to customize it.

Finance module highlights

  • Dimensions with validation rules

  • Budget tool

  • Journal Entry

  • Exchange rate automation

  • VAT module

  • Accrual functionality

  • End period workflow

  • Bank account reconciliation

  • Transaction audit trail

Screenshot of Figurator ERP system

Business Intelligence

To Figurator BI is not only about looking at data in different perspectives - it is awareness of the power of your data all the way, from when it is first captured until it hits your statistics.

Advanced customizable dimension setup

Not all companies are created the same, and to get the clearest picture of your operation and transaction flow – you will need to add details structured just right to avoid unnecessary overhead in you chart of account. Figurator offers a way to utilize exactly the number of dimensions you need to do that by configuration.

User friendly

The interface in FIGURATOR can be user customized, so you can achieve an uncluttered and maximum effective user experience.

Even the shortcuts can be setup to what is appropriate for your organization. You can choose from a range of predefined short cut standards, or you can define your own.

Automate your financial management from Figurator with Toolpack

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forecast & financial reporting then please book a demo

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