Business process automation for financial planning

and analysis

+3000 companies use our best practice solutions for Financial Planning & Analysis

Budgeting & Forecast

Automate the creation of budgeting models to budgeting holders based on previous results from your ERP system and use these to calculate and provide objectives for the future. Work with dynamic simulation models that describe your business in details.

Financial reporting

Update, compile and present your data from the ERP system in one request. Generate easily reports as monthly and quarterly reports, estimates, ad hoc analysis and visual dashboards. The standard reports are exactly what the CFO need for financial reporting.

Consolidation & Group reporting

Consolidation of data across accounts and companies can be a time-consuming process. Automate your accounting data across ERP systems and structure - Then you can focus on the consolidated data and the accompanying consolidated reports.

Unleash your business data

Easy Cloud


Build your own structures

Build and customize your own budget sheet. You are hereby granted a flexible

and easy budget process. Extract information about accounts directly from your ERP system – without using copy/paste. Use instead drag and drop to your reporting structure.


Update, compile and present in one request the reports to the rest of the organization in one process. Analyze your business such as departments, projects, areas, etc. and get the overview across the selected dimension values - Who contributes to the business?

Balance & Cash Flow

Simulate your cash flow and investments in Toolpack and get your cash flow forecast presented in graphical shape. You get a comprehensive picture of your company's cash flow within the interim budget.